5 Reasons Why People Fail Uni

5 Reasons Why People Fail Uni

1. Underestimating the workload

If doing well at uni is important to you, please don’t underestimate the workload that’s required to achieve the results you want.

A lot of students think they’ll be able to work more than 15 hours a week, have an active social life and do their uni work on the side. But a full time course load requires just as much, if not more time, energy and effort as a full time job.

Most courses require at least 10 hours of combined (class and individual) study a week – sometimes even more, so make sure you talk to your lecturers for specifics.

Try this:

  • Talk to a staff member within your faculty about suggestions on the maximum number of hours you should be working.
  • Speak to your boss about reorganising your roster and limiting your hours during semester.
  • Map out your week allocating time for work, uni, study, socialising and down time.


2. Ignoring the small things

Ignoring a parking ticket, your runny nose, feeling overwhelmed, down or low and forcing yourself to focus on uni might seem like a good idea but for so many, it’s the accumulation of all the small things that can cause major disruption to student life and study.
Asking for help is hard, but getting advice on the little things when they’re smaller and more manageable will help you to get through your studies.

Try this:

  • Book an appointment to see a SHOC Welfare advocate and talk through the problems you’re having.
  • Speak to either a UQ staff member, doctor or counsellor as soon as things start to become too much to handle, it will help you to manage things before they get out of control.


3. Avoiding classes

You’ll come across courses that won’t seem as exciting as others, and you may feel that the lectures and tutorials aren’t worth attending. Next minute – exams roll around and you don’t know what the course is about, what you should be doing and why you’ve been asked to do it.

Try this:

  • Getting to know and keeping in contact with your teachers will help you feel more connected, and make it easier to ask for help and guidance.
  • Form a study group with other students in your tutorial. It will help you to make friends and motivate you to attend all classes.


4. Procrastinating… more than usual

Uni is hard so sometimes it just feels easier to stay in bed, and watch movies all day. If this starts to happen on a weekly or even daily basis, it becomes an excuse to avoid studying altogether. 

Try this:

  • To allow yourself an appropriate amount of time to study (see No. 1) and schedule in personal time with monthly rewards for getting your uni work done. 
  • If you are finding that you are drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol, think of ways to substitute what you would normally have for another drink. 
  • Rather than studying at home, where you may might be tempted by Netflix, go to the library and study. Once you’ve finished your work, head home and watch as much as you like. 
  • Try to create a stable sleeping pattern, which allows for 7 to 9 hours sleep a day, and encourages you to be awake between 8am and 10pm.


5. Failure to manage your enrolment

Life happens and sometimes unavoidable events will interrupt your studies. If you find yourself in a similar situation please modify your enrolment status to avoid academic and or financial liability/ penalty. We find that some students miss the last date to withdraw and are faced with a fail mark, a situation which is hard to resolve.

Try this:

  • Get to know the University’s key enrolment and Census dates
  • Seek free, independent and confidential help from one of us here at SHOC.


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