Better Buses Now

Better Buses Now

Have you experienced issues catching the bus to uni? Have you ever missed or been late to a class because a bus has been full? We, your student union, want to make a change!

UQU, your student union, are petitioning Brisbane City Council to allocate banana buses on 66 and 412 routes during peak hours. We also want to get the 66 operating until 11.30pm. Finally we aim to meet with BCC and Translink representatives to improve the public transport

Whether you catch the 66, the 412 or any other bus, sign the petition today to help make a change -->

#BetterBusesNow #FixThe66 #Redothe412

Here are what some of your fellow students have to say:

- “I almost missed an exam because of the full buses!” – Aseem Pahwa

- “With inaccurate arrival time, constant "Sorry, full/not in service" buses driving by at peak hours and occasional skipping your stop so you have to walk another 200m back to the bus stop it was suppose to stop” – Walter Ho

- “Translink seems to think that making buses not turn up to Lakes is a good idea because it almost made me late for work - I was supposed to catch the 1:20 route 29 bus to park road but that one never turned up, forcing me to miss my train at 1:29”. – Ian Trinh

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