Exams: Frequently Asked Questions

Exams: Frequently Asked Questions

Student Help On Campus (SHOC) know UQ exams better than anyone. Check out a list of their top Exam FAQ's. Check out their FAQ's below.


How can I access past examination papers?

You should have open access to past examination question papers. The head of your school must provide end of semester examination question papers, or a sample question paper, to the Library following the corresponding, deferred and supplementary examination period.

You are also entitled to feedback after your exam, providing that it’s appropriate to the task and context with reference to criteria and standards. View further details of UQ’s examinations: Policy and Procedures


How can improve my exam preparation?

We have put together 9 great tips outlining how to prepare for the exam block, what to do on the day and how to manage your time during the exam. It's a must read if you're feeling overwhelmed.

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Where are the exam's located?

Visit My Advisor for all information regarding the exam procedures and location.


What do I do if there's a clash in my exam timetable?

You may require alternative examination arrangements if:

  • two of your examinations are timetabled for the same session, or
  • three examinations are scheduled on a single calendar day during the end of semester examination period; or
  • three mid-semester school-based examinations are scheduled in one calendar day outside of scheduled classes eg on Saturday

Complete a request for alternative examination arrangements form (PDF) or (Word) and submit it to the Student Centre or email to [email protected]


How do I defer an exam?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a deferred examination, and be permitted to sit your mid-semester or end of semester examinations at a later scheduled time. Permission to sit a deferred examination will only be granted in the event of a certified medical condition or other exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.

All applications for deferred examinations, both for mid-semester examinations and end of semester examinations, must be submitted online via mySI-net > myRequests. Applications must be submitted no later than five (5) calendar days after the date of the original examination.


What happens if I am sick during an exam?

Medical conditions that present themselves during an examination (for example an epileptic seizure) would be considered under exceptional circumstances only.

The onset of the condition must be sudden, unexpected, and debilitating, requiring immediate medical attention.

You will be required to provide a medical certificate dated the date of the examination and which details the following criteria in relation to the medical condition:

  • suddenness of onset of the condition
  • predisposition to the condition
  • seriousness of the symptoms, and
  • impact on your ability to remain and complete the examination.

A medical certificate that simply states that you were unfit to sit the examination will not be sufficient to demonstrate exceptional circumstances in the event that you attend and attempt whole or part of the original examination.


What happens if I'm late?

Arriving within the first 60 minutes of the examination 

If you arrive within the first 60 minutes you'll be permitted to enter the examination venue until one hour into the examination (eg. 08:00am exam start, entry until 9:00am). 

Arriving after the first 60 minutes of the examination

If you arrive at an examination 60 minutes after the commencement of the examination (eg. 08:00am exam start, after 09:00am) you will not be permitted to enter the examination room to take the examination. Students will not be entitled to sit a deferred examination unless they meet the requirements of the University's rules and procedures relating to deferred examinations.


What if I don't bring my student ID?

If you do not have your UQ student ID card with you, you will be refused entry into the examination room.

You will be directed to the Student Centre to obtain documentation certifying your identification and permitting entry to the exam room. Extra exam time will not be given in cases where students do not have a current UQ student ID card readily available.


How do I apply for a supplementary exam?

If you fail an exam (generally with a grade of three), you may be permitted a second chance to pass the course by being granted a supplementary assessment.

Supplementary assessment will be granted only where the General Award Rules and your Program Rules allow. Official rules can be found under the Program Rules and Requirements link for each program on the Programs and courses website. www.uq.edu.au/study/.

Please check the rules for your program and with your faculty or school to determine your eligibility. Generally you will be required to make a formal application for a supplementary assessment. This application must be made within five (5) calendar days of the release of results.

Please note: Results from supplementary assessment cannot be graded higher than four (4).

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