Free Student Breakfast

Free Student Breakfast

Morning Marmalade

In 2014 UQU launched a free weekly breakfast initiative to promote and improve student welfare. Off the back of its success in 2014 and 2015 Morning Marmalade has returned in 2016, 7.30am - 9am every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the old Lolly Shop space during semester.

Open to all UQ students, Morning Marmalade is perfect for a quick meal before an early morning lecture or if you just want to save a bit of cash.

On Monday's and Tuesday's a pop-up breakfast bar serves: toast, spreads, coffee, tea, Milo, muesli, yoghurt, cereal and fresh fruit as well as gluten and non-dairy alternatives. On Thursday's the team run a free pancake BBQ.


11,800 Pancakes

In 2015 we went through a serious amount of food including 11,800 pancakes, 5.5kg Vegemite, 4,400 teabags and 176kg of yoghurt. As you might expect, providing free food doesn't come cheap! In keeping with models of sustainability we are sourcing food donations from local Brisbane establishments, however there are ongoing expenses involved in the upkeep of Morning Marmalade: supplementing the breakfast each week with staples, as well as purchasing biodegradable crockery and fuel for the UQU food collection team.







Would you like to help us continue to provide students with a nutritious and filling breakfast twice a week? We’d love to hear from you, simply email [email protected] to get in touch. We’re looking for both monetary and breakfast food donations, and appreciate any help individuals, groups and organisations can provide.


Want to volunteer?

Would you like to help out your UQ peers and volunteer at Morning Marmalade? We'd love to hear from you, simply email [email protected]


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