Introducing UQU's Newest Collective

Introducing UQU's Newest Collective

UQ Abilities Collective


Whether it be physical, psychological, chronic illness or other (dis)ability the team behind UQAC are passionate about creating a supportive campus environment for students at UQ

‘Our goal is to provide students with help and support during university, and to foster a positive, open and caring community. We also seek to raise awareness of issues surrounding (dis)ability on campus.’

With regular social events penciled in over the semester UQAC are inviting you to get in touch and get involved.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: /UQAbilitiesCollective a place to learn and challenge your thoughts about what it is like living with a (dis)ability.
Facebook Group: Missy the Charmeleon a safe and supportive space to share and discuss concerns and ideas as well as to forge new friendships.

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