Results: UQU SWOTVAC Survey

Results: UQU SWOTVAC Survey

The University of Queensland is proposing changes to the way that the revision period (SWOT VAC) and exams are run.

Released on Thursday 9th April 2015 until 12noon Tuesday 14th April 2015 we requested your feedback in response to the proposed changes. 

The results in this report consist of quantitative data and a condensed version of the qualitative data collected. 

Key Findings

  • The survey received 5,884 responses, of which 97.25% were current students
  • Overall, survey respondents were not in favour of the proposed changes with 8% of students being in favour and 83% against them.
  • The written responses revealed that, a majority of students prefer the inconvenience of Saturday exams as opposed to losing two week-days of SWOT VAC.
  • When given a choice 90.4% of respondents indicated that they’d prefer a five-day revision period in SWOT VAC and Saturday exams while 9.6% of respondents preferred a three-day revision period in SWOT VAC and a strong likelihood of no Saturday exams.
  • 70.6% of students raised that their major concern with the change, was not having enough time to revise prior to the commencement of exams.
  • 44% of respondents raised concerns with Saturday exams. 14.3% of students indicated that transport was their biggest concern and 13.1% indicated that work commitments and associated loss of income were more of a problem for them.
  • While the concerns in regards to Saturday exams are significant 56% of respondents had no concerns.

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