SHOC Self-Care Guide during the marriage equality debate

SHOC Self-Care Guide during the marriage equality debate

At SHOC, we care about all students, especially those who belong to the LGBTIQA+ community. It is easy to feel alone, lost and isolated, but we are here for you. At SHOC we have two staff who can help during this time.


Mitch – Gender & Sexuality Counsellor

Mitch has been working at SHOC since 2013. He has been a big support of all LGBTIQA+ students and is skilled in helping them in maintaining their mental wellbeing, dealing with stress and overcoming challenges.

Kristian – Welfare & Job Preparation Advocate

Kristian has been working at SHOC since 2016. He is a social worker and can provide practical assistance and emotional support around the stresses associated with university and everyday life.

You can also find safe people to talk to among the members of UQ’s Ally network. The Ally network is made up of UQ staff who are trained in creating and fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTIQ+ people.  You can identify these people by their UQ Ally badge or displaying UQ ally posters in their office.



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