SHOC Welfare Is Here For You

SHOC Welfare Is Here For You


SHOC Welfare is here for you!


Are you struggling to manage your money, navigate Centrelink or frustrated with your own lack of direction and a less than stellar performance at uni?  


SHOC’s free, professional and independent Welfare services are here to help you with the following:


Kicking Goals

Whether it’s short term or long term, SHOC’s Welfare advocate can help you to improve a chosen area of your life by setting a SMART goal. Start now and download the free SMART Goal template.


Are you having major troubles with your budget and living from week to week? Book an appointment with a SHOC advocate who will work with you to create a budget.

Click here for great online budget advice.

Simplifying Centrelink

We get it. Centrelink can be totally confusing. Find out what Centrelink payments you are eligible for with the Centrelink Payment Finder or book an appointment for further assistance.

Emergency Support

Have you lost your wallet, been hit with a stack of unexpected bills or have missed meals because you’ve ran out of cash? Find out about SHOC’s emergency loans, food bank support and Go Cards here.


Are you in need of extra support but are unsure of where to turn? A SHOC advocate can also assist you with a suitable referral.


 *Competition closed as of Friday 21st November.

Thank a friend for the chance to win them 1 of 8 foodie packs!

Are you grateful for a colleague, friend, relative or stranger who helped you out with a loan, exam prep or even a lift to uni when you missed your alarm and your chance at scoring a park? Let them know!

For your chance to win one of these great looking packs simply;

  1. Tag your friend in the comments section below
  2. Let us know how they helped you
  3. Thank them

Entries close Friday 21st November, 7am. Winners will be announced at 8am below.

View the terms & conditions.

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