SHOC's UQ Show Cause Guide

SHOC's UQ Show Cause Guide


So, you’ve received a Show Cause notice?

DON’T PANIC!  Many students are required to Show Cause each semester. The process requires that you consider the reasons for your unsatisfactory progress and adopt strategies to improve your performance in future semesters. 

In the article below we've laid out everything you need to know about your Show Cause and how to tackle it. Don't forget to check out our detailed guide and template PDF's below. If you need a little extra help book a free appointment with our independent Education & Equity advocate.


What is a Show Cause?

The show cause process is designed to intervene when a student isn’t meeting UQ’s performance standards by inviting you to consider the reason for your results and to devise a strategy for improvement.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no provision in the show cause rules for students to be permanently refused enrollment in their program and most applicants are allowed to continue their studies, albeit with conditions set as part of enrollment.


 Why you've been asked to Show Cause

If you achieve a semester GPA of 3.5 or less OR you fail 50% or more of the units in which you are enrolled, you may be asked to show cause under the University's Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules.


How to Show Cause 

You will be required to complete the form attached to your show cause notice and provide an accompanying letter and any other supporting documentation.

Where it is appropriate, you should provide details of the difficulties you have been experiencing and strategies for future studies. SHOC’s experienced education advocates are here to help you with this, alternatively you can download the following templates to assist you.

Do you need more guidance with your Show Cause? Contact SHOC for a free appointment.

Show Cause Guide

 How long will it take to Show Cause?

The show cause process usually occurs at peak periods for faculties so you may need to be patient in waiting for a response.

It is best to allow up to 3 weeks for a response. However, if your matter is pressing, you may wish to advise the faculty of the situation. Notice of the decision will be provided to your student email address.


How to appeal a decision

If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the Associate Dean, you may appeal to the Senate. SHOC provides advice to students in relation to this type of appeal. For more information and assistance book an appointment online with your local SHOC Centre.

Are currently interstate or overseas and can't make a face-to-face appointment with SHOC? Book a Skype or phone appointment via the link below. To keep it fair you must book an appointment with SHOC online to receive assistance.

Book an Appointment

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