SWOTVAC & Exam Support Stall

SWOTVAC & Exam Support Stall

Free pancakes

$2.50 barista coffee

$1.50 hot chocolate

The SWOTVAC Exam Support Stall is back!

This semester we’ve got it all – answers to your exam faq’s, insider info on 24/7 study spaces, microwave room locations as well as late night barista coffee, hot chocolate and pancakes.

Below is a schedule of the UQU SWOTVAC Exam Support Stall. 

Outside the Biol Science Library, 9.30pm - Midnight, St Lucia

SWOTVAC & Week 1 Exams

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

$2.50 barista coffee & $1.50 hot chocolate

Tuesday & Thursday

Free pancakes

Week 2 Exams

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday $2.50 barista coffee, $1.50 hot chocolate & Free Pancakes
Thursday Free pancakes


Central Walkway, 10am - 2pm, Gatton

Wednesday 8th June study packs, pancakes & lollies
Saturday 18th & Wednesday 22nd June  study packs & lollies



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