Tax Troubles?

Tax Troubles?

Lodge Your Tax Online

It’s tax time! The time of year we cross our fingers for a HUGE return to spend on a holiday save for a rainy day. But if you’re not a natural with numbers or tax lingo lodging your tax online can be very tricky.

Thankfully that is all about to change because earlier this year the ATO launched myTax, a super easy, free tax program designed for those of you with simple tax affairs.

At just 10 pages long the myTax program is accessible via tablets, smartphones and your desktop. 

After creating your myGOV account myTax will automatically update your profile with information from previous claims and details that your employer, bank, government agencies and others are required to upload to the ATO database by early August. 

If you’d like to lodge your claim prior to this period you can simply enter the details yourself. If you find that you’re short on time you also have the ability to save your profile for up to 28 days and complete it at a later date. 

To determine if you qualify for the myTax program take the simple 2 minute eligibility test here. If you find that you don’t qualify you are still able to lodge your tax online via e-tax. 

If you want to know more about myTax watch the myTax clip for a simple explanation on how you can lodge your tax without the headache.

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