UQU Food Co-op

UQU Food Co-op

For sustainable and organic fruit and veg join the UQU Environment Collective’s Food Co-op every Wednesday 4pm – 6pm in the Union Complex or the Grassy Knoll (depending on the weather).

Each week members will receive a full bag of organic produce for just $10. Depending on seasonality members can look forward to zucchinis, strawberry, eggplant, kale, passionfruit and bananas.

If you’re conscious of food miles you’ll be happy to know that the produce is supplied by the local Brisbane farming group, Food Connect, which ensures your fruit and vege never travel more than 120km. 

Food Co-op membership is just $10 for a semester and $10 for every bag you purchase after. As a member you’ll also receive updates on the coming week’s produce, stall updates, recipes and free treats.

To become a member of the UQU Food Co-op visit the UQU Environment Collective at the Food Co-op on Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm.

UQU Environment Collective Food Co-op     UQU Environment Collective Food Co-op

  UQU Environment Collective Food Co-op  UQU Environment Collective Food Co-op 

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