Interests: Networking, Learning, Informing, Socialising, Enjoying the Food
Membership Fees: $5

The club is all about celebrating common culture, languages and history.

Aiming to bond all Turkic nations, including Azerbaijani, Uyghur, Turkish, Kazakhs, Tatars, Kyrgyzs, Turkmen, Uzbeks, Yakuts, Chuvashes, Bashkirs, Qashqai, Gagauzs, Crimean Karaites, Krymchaks, Karakalpaks, Karachays and Nogais; the club also welcomes non-Turkic members who are interested in our culture.

Delicious food, warm environment and happy smiles as well as little bit of learning about the unique culture of Turkic people are guaranteed.

If you would like to be a part of this priceless experience, come and join us!

Turkic Union is a UQ Union affiliated club

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