Public Health Student Association

Interests: Networking, Socialising, Professional Development
Membership Fees: $2

Public Health Student Association

The UQ Public Health Student Association (PHSA) seeks to connect students at the School for Public Health with their colleagues, school faculty, alumni and public health workers to improve our collective understanding of the issues in our field.

The association not only aims to develop networks within the association but also with outside organisations to connect public health with leaders in the sciences and humanities to allow members to explore real world applications of what they learn in the classroom.

The PHSA aims to connect students at the School of Public Health as well as any student interested in the field with fellow researchers, faculty, practitioners, and students from around the world as well as provide professional development opportunities for members along with social functions and academic advice.

We seek to provide a sense of community within the organizations and aim to provide advice and assistance to new students. 

PHSA is a UQ Union affiliated club

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