The Acting and Recreational Theatre Society UQ (The ARTS)

Interests: Theatre, Socialising, Drama, Acting
Membership Fees: $3

If you’re a born and bred thespian, a novice who wants to give a go, or a nostalgic ex-high school drama student, then the ARTS UQ is the club for you.

Our weekly workshops on various styles of theatre are the best way to give different styles a go or refresh your knowledge. We offer musical theatre, improvisation, melodrama, characterisation, commedia dell’arte - just to name a few.

Our theatre outings take us to theatre and production companies all over the city, with discounted tickets and social dinners on top.

The social events are a fun way to meet other members of the club and collaborate with many other clubs here at UQ.

We host an annual Showcase in the second semester of each year where we invite our members to perform a variety of acts and skits in a professional show.

Most importantly, our executive hopes to create a forum where our members’ creative ideas can flourish and their works can come to life with all the support The ARTS UQ has to offer.

The ARTS is a UQ Union affiliated club

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