Interests: Leadership Development, Youth, World Issues, Personal Development, Professional Development. Global Networks, Social Impact, Community Development
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Founded in 1978, AIESEC in UQ is part of the largest youth-run organization in the world and encourages every young person to develop their leadership skills through challenging environments by participating either by going on a cross-cultural exchange or by joining as a member.

AIESEC in UQ currently promotes the Outgoing Global Volunteer program, but can also assist people in applying for Outgoing Global Entrepreneur and Internship opportunities.

Outgoing Global Volunteer is a volunteer program where participants can go overseas on a cultural exchange participating in activities that a related to the Sustainable Development Goals for 6-8 weeks and learn key leadership skills and meet people of different cultures, not just of the country that they are travelling to.

As a member, you can also contribute to helping manage these exchange experiences and have a practical team experience that develops leadership abilities in running a global organization. As a member, it also provides a platform for you to apply your university education in a practical setting, whilst increasing global awareness and cultural understanding.

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