Interests: Leadership Development, Youth, World Issues, Personal Development, Professional Development. Global Networks, Social Impact, Community Development

Our Global Citizen program involves working on community development projects with other youth abroad. The projects involve creating and facilitating seminars and activities for young people around subjects like cultural education and career development, allowing you to have a direct positive impact on communities while gaining an intense cultural experience.  

Our Global Talent program involves a professional working experience abroad in the field of language education. It involves working for schools or language institutions to teach English to youth and adults, giving you the opportunity to apply and develop your professional working skills in a foreign cultural environment.

Our Global Leader program involves a practical team experience that develops leadership abilities in running a global organisation. It provides a platform for you to apply your university education in a practical setting, whilst increasing global awareness and cultural understanding. In the program, you join AIESEC UQ as a local team member within an operational portfolio.  

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AIESEC is a UQ Union affiliated club

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