Interests: Dr Who, Socialising, Discussing Dr Who
Membership Fees: $5


2013 was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, just as it was the year of this club’s inception.

Fitting, really, but we digress. Point is that we are a club at UQ themed around Doctor Who. And not just the last few series that kicked off in 2005. Oh no. We mean absolutely all of Doctor Who.

So that’s what you get to be excited about when joining this club. We screen anything, ranging from the more modern feel of NuWho or all the way back in time to the classics on a weekly basis.

So come on then. Throw on that really long scarf, fasten that stick of celery to your coat and dust off that fez. The Doctor is in. Let’s celebrate that.

WhoUQ is a UQ Union affiliated club

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