Humanities Undergraduate Student Society (HUSS)

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Interests: Humanities, Networking, Socialising
Membership Fees: $5

In the Humanities Undergraduate Student Society, our focus rests on helping humanities students at UQ get connected, stay informed and have fun!

Members of HUSS can expect to get involved in a number of social and professional events, including the annual Arts Ball. HUSS also manages the publication of our annual journal, Jacaranda, which affords students the opportunity to publish essays, articles, poetry, stories and more!

Our society's aims are as follows:

Aim 1:  To develop a better network of opportunities for its Members within areas such as academic support, professional development and social engagement.

Aim 2:  To represent the views and opinions of all humanities students and to advocate these views and opinions to the faculty to ensure all concerns are adequately addressed.

Aim 3:  To endeavour to interact more closely with and promote the initiatives of other humanities associations either within or external to UQ.


Humanities Undergraduate Student Society is a UQ Union affiliated club

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