Dental Students’ Association (UQDSA)

Faculty: Bachelor of Dental Science
Interests: Informative, Networking, Socialising
Membership Fees: 30-100

UQDSA Benefits

Just by flashing your membership card, you’ll get access to a tonne of social, sporting and academic events, discounted clinical and UQDSA merchandise, loads of freebies, as well as heaps of sweet deals and discounts at participating retailers. Upon joining, you’ll get a UQDSA goodie bag containing your membership card, our annual calendar, a discount voucher for your textbook purchases and a little stationery and paraphernalia to get you going.


There’s nothing better than a UQDSA social event to kindle the friendships with the people you’re spending the next 5 years with. As a UQDSA member, you’ll get subsidized ticket prices to all the following events.

-          Meet and Greet: Say hello to your classmates, from fellow freshers, to the bruised and battered 5th years.

-          Welcome BBQ: Did someone say free sausage sizzle?

-          Boat Cruise: Get your costume ready to board the party boat!

-          Dent Ball:  A classy night beginning with fine dining and ending with one too many drinks.

-          Labcoat Scrubcrawl: Bar-hop with your fellow nerds from other health faculties.

-          UQ/Griffith Mixer: Mingle with our dent student friends from the Gold Coast.

-          Happy Hours: Slightly longer than an hour, but definitely very happy.

-          Graduation Ball: For when you (finally) make it out alive! 


For the athletes among you – Play against your fellow dentists-to-be or join the UQDSA team and compete against other UQ students in external sports competitions.

-          Inter-year Dodgeball

-          Table Tennis

-          Inter-year Basketball

-          Badminton

-          Medfin Cup (Griffith vs UQ soccer) – Watch the UQDSA page for info on try-outs

-          Sports Day

-          Poker and Board Games – For a little intellectual sport!


UQDSA brings you the latest and greatest info on all things dentistry, with the help of our industry sponsors and professional partners

-          Industry Tradeshow Days: Everything you need to get you through dentistry all in the one place. Oh, and lots of freebies.

-          Loupes Tradeshow: You don’t know what a tooth really looks like until you put loupes on for the first time. Come try on and find your perfect pair at the tradeshow! 

-          Lunch & Learn Sessions: Free food whilst you learn? Yes please!

-          Surgical Workshops: See your surgical skills transform from Frankenstein to McDreamy.

-          Physio Sessions: Come and learn how to best look after you body for a longer, less physically straining career.

-          Career Insight: From Graduate Info Night to our Defence Force Recruiting Info Session, you’ll be totally prepped for your future


We’re here to help you tackle Student Academic Services’ tough demands (organising First Aid/CPR courses), making sure you stay on budget (discounted dental equipment orders), providing you with community aid opportunities (volunteering info sessions) and advocacy, with our President, Amanda, being a part of the Teaching and Learning Committee. We’re also pretty tight with other student bodies, like UQU and ADSA, which we work with to bring you events like Mental Health Week and to help you organise blood donations during ADSA’s Blood Drive. Help us save lives and make UQ the national champs for 2017 !


To reap these amazing benefits, membership for your entire 5 year degree will only cost you $100. That’s solid value, considering UQDSA members signing up in 2017 can save up to $85 per year on event tickets and equipment, as well as gain access to professional development and networking opportunities - now that’s priceless. And don’t forget all the discounts on food and retail you’ll also receive thanks to our local business sponsors!

During O-week, you can purchase membership online; just like our Facebook page and look out for the link. Or, come find us every lunch during Week 1 in the Level 5 Print Room and at the Welcome BBQ (make sure you bring cash!)

So what’s stopping you? Become a part of the UQDSA fam and make your Uni years unforgettable.


UQDSA is a UQ Union affiliated club


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