Australian Legal Philosophy Students Association (ALPSA)

Faculty: Business, Economics & Law
Interests: Law, Philosophy, Jurisprudence
Membership Fees: $2

Established in 2003, the Australian Legal Philosophy Students’ Association (ALPSA) is the peak body for law students with an interest in the discussion of current issues in jurisprudence.

The organisation has its permanent home at the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland. ALPSA is also the official student branch of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy.

Legal philosophy, a broad and critical perspective on the law, arguably attracts the best legal minds – minds that shape and direct national legal policy. By encouraging and rewarding the study of legal philosophy, both in law schools and in legal practice, ALPSA seeks to uphold the importance, relevance and power of legal philosophy. In doing so, we seek to foster creative and critical thinking, and a sense of social justice, in our members and the broader public.

We hold panel discussions such as Feminist Jurisprudence and Corporate Governance seminars. We also run an annual essay competition, and social events each year.

ALPSA is a UQ Union affiliated club

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