Interests: Networking, Socialising
Membership Fees: $10

  • UQBDA is a common platform for the Bangladeshis who are affiliated with The University of Queensland. The aim of this organization to unite the Bangladeshis who are away from their homeland, uphold the values and contain the rich cultures of Bangladesh.
  • UQBDA is a non-profitable organization allied with UQU and is primarily run by UQ students. It was established in 2012 by a bunch of Bangladeshi PhD students with a view to bringing their countrymen together who came to pursue their dreams in UQ. Since then, it has become the voice of Bangladeshi students and staffs in UQ and has been delivering voluntary services to its members and local community. The UQBDA executive committee is composed of eleven members elected by their members in annual general meeting. Being an international club of UQ, it holds strong ties with the neighboring clubs and societies of UQ apart from attending and arranging programs to celebrate Bangladeshi culture and occasions. UQBDA believes that unity is strength, and therefore, it invites all the Bangladeshis in UQ and beyond to join under the same umbrella and help grow us stronger to deliver the best for the welfare of Bangladeshis in UQ.

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