Chinese Debating Association

Faculty: Business, Economics & Law
Interests: Chinese, Debating, Chinese Language
Membership Fees: $5

Reasoning in the Chinese language with confidence, logic and precision—YES. WE. CAN.

At the UQ Chinese Debating Association, we strive towards developing the art of debating in what is one of the world’s most spoken languages-- Chinese. From current affairs to moral dilemmas, the Association will equip you to deliver your views on these challenging topics in a language of unprecedented potential.

Training and internal tournaments are conducted weekly, suited to learners and speakers of either Mandarin or Cantonese. The Association also represents UQ in national competitions throughout the year.

You could challenge your debating skills in a friendly debating session, represent UQ in a national competition, or even just practise communicating in a foreign language. By no doubt, the UQCDA has a place for everyone.

Challenge yourself. Join UQCDA.

CDA is a UQ Union affiliated club



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