Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Scholars Association (UQCSSA)

UQCSSA aims at promoting Chinese culture and providing a supportive community for Chinese students.

Each year, we host numerous events to assist Chinese students familiarising themselves with UQ campus, and act as a platform for students to interact with other communities at UQ and in Brisbane.

We showcase both modern and traditional culture treasures of China to individuals from other countries. UQCSSA always welcomes everyone with an interest in Chinese culture to join us.

In the past few years, we have organised many events which attracted more than 100 attendees on average. This semester, UQCSSA has recruited more than 300 financial members, with 8000 subscribers on Weibo, 2000 subscribers on Facebook and 3000 followers on WeChat.

We warmly welcome everybody and look forward to meeting you all at our upcoming events! Just to mention a few:

  • Outdoor/indoor activities: Panda Race – April; Basketball Tournament – May; Tangalooma Adventure Tour – April; 8090s’ Night – TBA
  • Culturally educational events: UQU Cultural Fiesta – May; Mid-Autumn Festival Gala – September; Traditional Culture Seminar – TBA
  • Career discussion and seminars – Accounting seminar – March; Career Conference – October

UQCSSA is a UQ Union affiliated club

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