Wildlife Association (UQWA)

One of the biggest steps we can take is the one from our degree into our career and the UQ Wildlife Association exists to bridge that gap into the wildlife industry for its members.

UQWA is a student-run, non-profit association and we organise regular events for our members featuring guest talks from industry figures and handling courses from wildlife experts so students can gain practical skills, knowledge and networking advantages that they would not receive from their formal Wildlife Science courses. Whilst aimed at Wildlife Science students, all nature lovers are welcome in UQWA and many of our activities are social events with lots of opportunities to make new friends. UQWA also acts as a direct line of communication between all UQ students and the SAFS board. If you have any concerns or feedback about your lecturers, tutors or any other aspect of university life, UQWA will be your anonymous advocate to improve your university experience. It’s important to enjoy your time at university, and the friendships and connections you make now will last for years to come, so we also organise PJ + documentary nights, BBQs and camping trips so you can get to know your fellow students and have some wild fun with us!

UQWA was also involved in a charity race through the UQ Gatton campus with the aim of raising funds for Vision Africa Wildlife. View the full article here. 



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