Chinese Postgraduate Students and Visiting Research Fellows

Interests: Academic, Cultural Exchange
Membership Fees: $5

Established in October 2016, UQ-CSC is a promising and energetic club. From the January 2017 till now, we have successfully held three activities corresponding with different aims, including the Academic Forum of Article Writing, Academic Forum of Scientific Cartography and Spring Festival Party. The number of our members are about 260, most of which are PhD students and visiting scholars from China.


Aims of the club:

Aim1: US-CSC focuses on providing a platform to foster new friendship and relationship among UQ.

Aim2: UQ-CSC is a student-run association supporting the academic exchange among our members.

Aim3: UQ-CSC dedicates to present and promote the fascinating Chinese culture including supporting Chinese culture related activities.


Upcoming events:


Traditional Culture Week coming soon: 15/08/2017


Football Competition  (coming soon)


BBQ and Traditional Chinese Food (coming soon)


UQ-CSC is a UQ Union affiliated club


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