Effective Altruism UQ (EAUQ)

Interests: Science, ethics, rationality, altruism, compassion, charity, volunteering; ending extreme poverty, reducing suffering, improving animal welfare, reducing existential risks, using meta-charities; networking, support, employability, education
Membership Fees: $2


Effective Altruism (EA) UQ is a community striving to use our resources to help others as much as we can, as informed by rationality and compassion. We promote evidence-based decisions in our charity donations, our time use and in policy-making, aiming to prevent death and suffering, both now and in the future.


We believe that:
(1) We are in a unique position to do good, and it’s important that we care;
(2) By applying rationality to our choice of charitable actions, we can make a much larger difference;
(3) We enjoy doing this!


We value critical thinking, open-mindedness and global compassion, and we strive to act on these convictions. Our society promotes these values to the local and international community.


We are not alone! Our society connects UQ to the global Effective Altruism movement. EA-aligned organisations, such as GiveWell and 80,000 Hours, conduct research into the best ways to give and the best careers to build. We are also supported by the resources and leadership of EA Australia and The Centre for Effective Altruism.


EAUQ runs guest speaker-led discussions, meet-and-greet debates, charity games, networking events, skill-building workshops and more. If you enjoy stimulating conversation and charitable action, join us!


Further information: GiveWell.org, AnimalCharityEvaluators.org, RTCharity.org


Our society functions as the UQ chapter for the following organisations: EffectiveAltruism.org.au, GivingWhatWeCan.org, 80000Hours.org


EAUQ is a UQ Union affiliated club.

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