Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS)

Faculty: Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology
Interests: Engineering, Networking, Industry exposure, Socialising
Membership Fees: $10


Serving as the unifying body for the six largest engineering clubs, the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) has over 2000 members providing careers services and hosting large-scale events for all engineering students, regardless of their major.


Coming off the back of a strong 2016, including taking out Ball of the Year at the annual UQ Union Clubs and Societies awards, EUS has further increased its industry connections and aims to provide an ever improving link to companies from a variety of industries for students seeking career information and both graduate and vacation employment.

EUS also hosts large-scale social events for all engineering students which provide an opportunity for students to mingle and form lasting friendships with their peers, which time and time again has proven to be one of the most meaningful aspects of a student's time at university. These events take the form of the Engineering semester launch parties in semesters 1 and 2, and the annual engineering ball, which is the largest and most highly anticipated ball each year at the University of Queensland.

On top of this, EUS also assists with the industry seminars, social events and industry networking nights facilitated by the six affiliated clubs, which have proved invaluable in allowing students to form meaningful relationships with company representatives and hear about the industries they may be considering entering.

If you’re a first year engineer we have a dedicated sub-executive group called EUS-Connect running regular first year events. Find the group page here

Otherwise get involved with your faculty club

The six affiliated clubs are as follows:

CESA - Civil Engineering Student Association 

CHESS - Chemical and Environmental Engineering Student Society

EBESS - Electrically Based Engineering Student Society 

MAMA - Mining and Metalurgical Student Society 

MESS - Mechanical Engineering Student Society.

SKIRTS - Student society for women in Engineering

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$10 to join EUS and $5 per affiliated society (MAMA, MESS, EBESS, SKIRTS, CESA or CHESS). You must join at least one of the affiliated societies.

First Year Engineering: $10 (UQ EUS)

You can sign up to EUS at anytime by visiting the signup page of our website at: 

EUS is a UQ Union affiliated club

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