Graduate Union of Taiwanese Students UQ (GUTS)

Interests: Taiwan, culture
Membership Fees: $5

GUTS aims to achieve the following goals for our members:

  • To share the experiences both in daily and academic life in UQ,
  • To help each other by sharing our affections, solving the problems, discussing about the courses and assignments,
  • To connect to the alumni of Taiwanese students, providing the information about jobs finding after graduation,  Help new Taiwanese students to settle down lives in Brisbane and provide all sorts of assistance to adapt to the Australian academic environment.

We host academic-related events and culturally based social gatherings, such as welcome party and farewell party as well as some leisure activities. Being part of our group, you will have the benefit of special offerings or discounts from our sponsors when you visit our partner shops.

We encourage you to become a member of UQ-GUTS for merely $5 and you enjoy our events with either no charge or at a discounted rate. To learn more about GUTS and the forthcoming events, please visit our Facebook page

UQ GUTS is a UQ Union affiliated club.

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