Pokemon Fan Club of UQ

Interests: Pokémon, Trading Cards, Anime, Manga, Video Games
Membership Fees: $3


The UQ Pokemon Fan Club aims to promote a broad range of events for all sorts of Pokemon fans.

We host regular events which are spread across all aspects of the Pokémon franchise.

The most popular events that we host are our St Lucia Pokémon League Days, where you can use your Town Map to challenge our Gym Leaders across campus and win badges. If you win 8 badges, you can challenge our Elite 4 and become the St Lucia Pokémon Champion. We also host regular trivia nights, anime and movie screenings, Trading Card Game tournaments, Pokémon Showdown competitions, and picnics.

Our events are posted to our Facebook page and group, as well as our newly built and designed website. Importantly, annual membership can be purchased at any of our events for the low cost of $3, and you do not need to be a UQ student to sign up.

We hope to see you there!

UQ Pokémon Fan Club is a UQ Union affiliated club

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