Korean International Students Society (K.I.S.S)

Interests: Korean culture, socialising
Membership Fees: $10 - $15



UQKISS is a student run, non-profit UQ Society and our primary objective is to create a vibrant and inviting environment/experience based on Korean culture for students. We aim to conduct various events, whether its social or personal and professional development, to unite students who hold common interest and let them create valuable university experience and build life-long relationships.

Despite the name of the club, all students (or even non-students) are always welcomed. Whether you are interested in Korean culture or a Korean international student needing assistance settling into life in Brisbane, come to UQKISS to feel a sense of belonging. You can sign up for membership anytime through our Joinit link on Facebook page (Shop link on the page).

If you become a UQKISS member, you are automatically entitled to a wide range of discounts and benefits from our sponsors

Furthermore, we hold events such as K-beauty classes and events based on Hansik (Korean Cuisine) to acknowledge the club’s cultural background and educate our members with Korean culture.

Your 2018 UQKISS Executive team:
President – Matthew Seo
Vice President – Imbin Linda Lee
Secretary – Mingeun Cho
Treasurer – Sunny Kim
Marketing Director – Juyoung Park
Publications Director – Jungha Chung
Educations Director – Annie Jung
Sub-committee – Chris Cho, Minchae Kim, Young Sun Park, Sarah Jisoo Woo, Seo Yoojin, Jean Han,


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