The University of Queensland Debating Society (UQDS) a UQ Union affiliated club, is one of the oldest societies in Australia. Indeed, tracing our origins back to the early 1920's and since official establishment in 1960, the UQDS has been consistently ranked in the top ten university debating societies worldwide.
As was described in the UQ student publication, Semper Floreat, in 1937: "The Society offers a unique opportunity to undergraduates to express themselves on all sorts of hetergenous topics, to deliver their pet heresies and to slander their friends in a comparatively sheltered academic atmosphere.
... So don't forget to roll along to the first debate with all your pet theories and subjects. If you have never spoken before you are like most of us - but don't leave it too late to begin. The sooner you start, the sooner you reach perfection."

UQDS is a UQ Union affiliated club

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