Journalism and Communication Students (JACS)

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Communication and Arts
Interests: Journalism, Communications, Sporting Activites
Membership Fees: $10

Journalism and Communication Students (JACS)

Journalism and Communication Students (JACS) was founded in 2006 to meet the professional, academic and social needs of the journalism and communication student body at The University of Queensland. Run by students, we represent the student body.

The UQ Journalism and Communication Students Society holds events dedicated to helping students connect with their peers and professionals in the Journalism and Communication fields. We hold two Professional Networking Evenings (PNE) every year, where professionals from all types of industries offer one-on-one advice about what it takes to work in the profession. Students gain internships, job opportunities and connections from our often sold out event. By becoming a member of JACS, you’ll have first access to events such as PNE, Ball and Pub Crawl for the year.

The executive members have been elected by other JACS society members and are there to help share the best opportunities available. Whether it’s for social events or professional development, the executives are there to make your time at university the most fulfilling it can be.

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