Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Interests: Discipline Building, Forging Friendship, Religion, Christianity, Prayer, Games Nights


Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF)

OCF University of Queensland is a home away from home for international students.

For many years, we have cultivated and maintained a close bond between our members, constantly encouraging one another in our walk with God and praying together as one body in Christ. Many graduating members have left testimonials of how they felt at ease when attending OCF UQ as there is a strong familial bond between the members.

Regardless of your faith or even your denomination, OCF UQ welcomes you with open arms and our members are always eager to share the gospel and discuss the finer points of God’s word with you over a meal or the various activities and events we hold throughout the year. Being relatively small in size, our 15-30 members often organize outings or have potlucks at each other’s homes for great fellowship with one another.

We meet every Friday throughout the semester at the Sir Llew Edwards Building(14)*, St Lucia Campus, where we sing songs of worship, pray, share and carry out bible studies in small groups. Our 3 advisors are often around to guide the bible studies and provide helpful feedback and advice in living proper Christian lives. Our advisors are also always ready to listen to any problems our members have and offer advice or aid if needed.

*venue subject to change, so best to email us or check out our fb page if you're interested in coming*

OCF is a UQ Union affiliated club

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