Physics Club (PAIN)

Faculty: Science
Interests: Physics, Socialising, Science, Mathematics
Membership Fees: $5

[email protected]

PAIN is a predominantly social club for physics students, enthusiasts, geeks and nerds.

You don't have to be a physics student to join. We hang out in the Physics Tea Room (it's in the Parnell Building, 7-208) and hold regular Friday evening meetings, which we call 'errorbars'. 

We cover important, physics-related topics like how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, things to never put in your microwave and trivia nights; followed by pizza and soft drinks.

We also conduct a major astronomy camp in second semester to take advantage of the gorgeous skies. No telescope needed!

PAIN is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded students, eat pizza and do cool physics. 

Connect with PAIN and find out about upcoming events, join our Facebook group listed above!


PAIN is a UQ Union affiliated club


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