Student Philosophy Association (UQSPA)

Faculty: School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics
Interests: Philosophy, socialising
Membership Fees: $5

"Campus life is the single most important part of your university career, arguably. So come and argue about it! WE WANT YOU! ^_^/

UQ Student Philosophy Association (UQSPA), a UQ Union affiliated club, is the perfect club for people from all backgrounds! Whether you wish to network with your peers, and talk about the deeper questions of life, or just to make friend from outside of your regular faculty: here we are!

Get involved in the executive, or junior executive roles (depending on your level of free time for engagement). Or simply eat free pizza, watch interesting stimulus material, and think!

We run events from the purely academic, to the more purely social - to that kind of event exactly in the middle, that you think should have a name, but are not sure it does have a name, but you know the qualiatic resonance of the feeling, you know? Yes, we run those too!

Make lifelong college connections, get involved in clubs and society politics, and maybe even meet your college sweetheart! But definitely come along and philosophise to you heart's content.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of us!

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