Towards International Medical Equality (TIME)

Interests: Health, global health, environmental health, medical aid, social justice
Membership Fees: $10 Lifeti

TIME is a not-for profit, formally registered charitable organisation, targeted for the students of the University of Queensland who have an interest in the promotion and establishment of equitable healthcare in Australia and globally.

We have 5 project streams within TIME including: Refugee health, Rural and Indigenous health, Maternal health, Environmental health and Medical aid. Some of our biggest events throughout the year include out RED party which aims to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS and TIME Fashion show which fundraises for a different focus charity each year. Other projects include our Refugee Healthy Start program which seeks to improve health literacy amongst newly arrived refugees or the Days for Girls packing day where we create sanitary kits for disadvantaged girls in developing countries.  We also have a strong focus on global health advocacy and global health education, with opportunities to attend seminars and trainings throughout the year. 

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