Interests: Socialising, brainstorming, wrtiting
Membership Fees: $2

Ultimately, we'd like the club to become a platform for getting our members and their work into the wider writing community, while providing helpful feedback and information on the industry.

But we want writers of all levels of experience to join in, whatever you like to write.

We have meetings every week where we work on honing our craft, as well as playing fun writing games and getting to know each other. We also host a lot of social events during the year, including our 24 hour play, end of semester Murder Mystery Party, and pizza nights. 

Each year, we compile an anthology of short stories written by Writers’ club members and we run short story competitions throughout the year with prizes for the best three submissions. 

For this year we've got a lot of interesting new ideas to spice up meetings and we always welcome suggestions from new members, and lots of social events planned, as well as looking at lining up some new guest speakers. We are increasing our collaborations with other clubs

For further information or personal queries you can contact us at [email protected].


Writers Club is a UQ Union affiliated club

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