Street Groove (UQSG)

Interests: Dancing, performing, socializing, fitness
Membership Fees: $20

We offer classes at an unbeatable price, with 20 total sessions offered each semester.

Experienced and renowned professional teachers are brought in weekly, whilst some classes are taught by UQ students! Half our classes are held Friday evenings, on-campus, whilst the rest are run at external dance studios every Sunday afternoon. We’re sure to have a time and location that accommodates you! Classes are catered to complete beginners (no dance experience needed!), but also have much to offer for intermediate and even advanced dancers.

Street Groove also boasts a performance crew, which has performed at events all over Brisbane – check out our videos on YouTube! The crew is an opportunity to get more out of your dance experience, and truly get involved in the dance community. Whilst skill levels vary, if you are committed, passionate and want nothing more than to train and bond in an inclusive and motivating environment, then you’ll fit right in!

We give our members heaps of opportunities to socialise and make new friends with our social events each semester! These can be as simple as a pizza movie night, or as imaginative as an Escape-Room Halloween event, a Little Red Riding Hood Easter Egg Hunt or a Breakdance-filled boat party! We also run free dance jams after each Friday class, so bring your friends and come cypher, learn some new moves, or simply hang out!

Friendships made in Street Groove are known for their longevity! Come get the most out of your uni experience and be a part of this rapidly-growing community!

Street Grove is a UQ Union affiliated club

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