Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)

Interests: Board games, tabletop, games
Membership Fees: $5


Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)

The members of the Queensland University Games Society enjoy playing a broad range of game genres including abstract strategy, bluffing, cooperative, deck building, drafting, engine building, press your luck, role playing, set collection, worker placement, and many more. A full list of the society’s games can be found on our website at qugs.org.au/collection

Membership costs $5.00 for the year and being a student is not required. Everybody from complete novices to hard-core tabletop gamers are welcome. We also have a partnership with several gaming shops around Brisbane, who give our members deals and discounts.

QUGS meets on Mondays, starting at 5:00pm for board games. In addition, we meet at 6:30pm on Thursdays for a Magic: The Gathering draft. Full details can be found on our website. Barring exams, Christmas or natural disaster, QUGS meetings are always on. If you are wanting to contact the clubs president, please email [email protected]


QUGS is a UQ Union Affliated club.

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