Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)

Interests: Board games, tabletop, games
Membership Fees: $5


 QUGS, a UQ Union affiliated club, has a special focus on board games and card games including a Magic: the Gathering playgroup that meets regularly. QUGS members include avid gamers of all types including roleplayers, wargamers, chess, video gamers etc.

Membership costs $5.00 for the year and being a student is not required. Everybody from complete novices to hard-core gamers is welcome.

We meet on Mondays at 5:00pm and the first Saturday of each month for board games. In addition we meet at 4:00pm on Thursdays for casual Magic: the Gathering with a draft starting at 6:00pm. Barring Christmas or a natural disaster, QUGS meetings are always on.


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