Korean Medical Society (UQKMS)

Faculty: Medicine and Biomedical Science
Membership Fees: $5

UQKMS exists to provide support and opportunities academically to improve skills and knowledge in a safe and supportive environment, to offer social events allowing students to form a new network of peers, and meet upper years in smaller groups, and to expand the scope of our community, networking with other national and international students.

Membership is open to any medical student of the University of Queensland with Korean background or with interest in Korean culture, any University of Queensland Medical school academic staff member, and any University of Queensland Medical school alumni. Members are registered with $5 membership fee and are required to provide full name and student number. Management committee of the Society consist of president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom shall be members of the Society.

The election of officers and other management committee will take place in annual general meeting. The management meets regularly to organize social and academic events, and to update each other on any matters.

UQKMS is a UQ Union affiliated club

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