Premedical Society (UQPMS)

Interests: Post-Graduate Medicine, Socialising, Academic Studies, GAMSAT
Membership Fees: $5

Interested in medicine but don’t want to do it alone? Then the UQ Premedical Society is for you!

UQPMS is a club aiming to support future medical students who intend to enter medicine via graduate entry (GAMSAT) or provisional entry.

We understand that the path to medicine and the adjustment to university life can be difficult. Therefore, we endeavour to ease this transition with sponsorship perks, academic resources and social events throughout the year.

As a member, we aim to equip you with academic resources to maximise your potential. In addition to comprehensive publications and note pools, we partner with GAMSAT agencies to provide that extra push towards your goal.

With the UQPMS membership card, take advantage of the exclusive deals and discounts for your favourite cafés, bars and clubs in Brisbane. Not only that, our official sponsorship packages assure you of a quality rarely found in a student club.

Most importantly, you can expect to connect with like-minded students through our social events including barbecues, pub crawls, parties and of course, the highly anticipated Premedical Ball.

Form strong networks that lasts throughout your university  years and future medical careers.

What are you waiting for? See you at our next event!

UQPMS is a UQ Union affiliated club


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