Pakistani Students Association

Interests: Pakistan, Pakistani Culture, Pakistani Cuisine, International Students
Membership Fees: $5 Annual

The University of Queensland (UQ) Pakistani Students Association was created in 2010 as a club to establish a sense of a Pakistani community at UQ and unite the many bachelors, masters and postgraduate Pakistani students and staff, domestic and international.

 Since our founding, we regularly host a range of cultural, social and academic events for our members. Notable events in the past have included hosting the Pakistani Ambassador in 2015.

Our management team is made up of a group of elected volunteers, all passionate about their country - giving their time and energy to the association and its activities.

 The society has four main objectives:


1. Support the academic, cultural, social and logistical needs of all past, present and future Pakistani students of the University of Queensland

2. Network all our members and foster opportunities for members to meet one another and create long-lasting friendships

3. Promote cross-cultural awareness between the UQ and greater Brisbane communities by showcasing Pakistan’s rich culture and traditions

4. Provide a platform for critical discussions and explorations pertinent to the economics, politics, history and society of Pakistan

contact: [email protected]

Pakistani Students Association is a UQ Union affiliated club

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