Computing Society

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Interests: Computing, Software, Engineering, Programming, IT, Technology, Networking
Membership Fees: $5

We will also work as a group on projects which we will contribute to the open source community. Throughout the training and project development, peer learning will be encouraged so that we each learn new techniques and ideas which benefit everyone. In addition to the inherit peer learning, small seminars may be run by ‘peer experts’ on a specific subject to help expand the communities’ knowledge.

UQCS has regular events throughout the year, from Group Programming projects to Seminars from industry, researchers and peer experts. We also provide training for programming competitions (eg. Google Code Jam) and revision sessions for students taking IT-related courses. On the social side, you can participate in Staff vs Students Video Games, Board Games Nights or Trivia Night.


Computing Society is a UQ Union affiliated club

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