Interests: Oxfam, Social Justice, Climate Change, Food Security, Gender Equity, Fair Trade
Membership Fees: $5

One of our key mandates is to creatively represent the ideals and campaigns of Oxfam Australia, while empowering our community to become engaged and active citizens for change, both on and off campus.

As the official student wing of Oxfam Australia at UQ we follow much of their work and campaigns here on campus. These include campaigning tirelessly for change across the areas of:; Indigenous Rights, Climate Change, Worker’s Rights, Health, Education, Emergencies, Water and Sanitation, Trade, Food Security, Mining, Gender Equality, HIV and Aids, Corporate Accountability and Youth issues.

Oxfam UQ helps our community see that these issues are not a list of disparate problems, but are all part of the same big picture. This context is a powerful tool for motivating people to address social justice issues.

Oxfam also believes in the power of people and exerting political pressure on governments and companies. Oxfam helps people understand how the choices we make in Australia directly affect the lives of those in vulnerable communities around the world.

We understand that in Australia our government’s decisions and out our own personal choices can play a crucial part in the way our world works.

Oxfam UQ firmly believes that when people become aware of this they become active and powerful members in our global community.

Oxfam UQ connects the student community to these campaigns through a wide variety of opportunities. Whether it is becoming more involved in the exec, helping out with campaigns or events, volunteering in the Oxfam State Office or just meeting up over a coffee to talk about issues  that students are passionate about, Oxfam UQ is always open and welcoming.  

Through creative, innovative and engaging ways, we can help tackle these problems that affect us all. We can all be the change we want and need to see!

Oxfam is a UQ Union affiliated club


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