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SHOC Education and Equity

Do you Need help with a University decision?

Our Education and Equity advocates are experienced in understanding university rules and policy and assisting UQ students to meet requirements for university decisions.  

If you have been issued a notice from the university and are not sure what to do, then SHOC can assist you.

Appointments Available

This page contains information about each of the appointments for this service as well as resources to use. By clicking on the 'book an appointment' button you can make an appointments for one of the following:

  • Appeals
  • Change to finalised results
  • Equity, discrimination & harassment
  • Grievance/complaints resolution
  • Re-marks/ assessment issues
  • Show cause applications
  • Student misconduct
  • Withdrawing and fee reimbursement

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Have you been asked to show cause?

We understand how stressful a show cause notice can be. Download our helpful show cause resources below.

What's a Show Cause? 

Show Cause Letter Template   

Show Cause Application Guide


How to Appeal a University Decision

Have you received a decision from the university that you are not happy with? Do you feel that you could make a strong case to have it re-considered? SHOC can assist you in making an appeal on a university decision and guide you through the process of presenting a case to the university.

Appeals Guide



Didn't get the grade you deserved? Think you might be eligible for a supplementary assessment? Or were you sick on an exam day and need to apply for a deferred exam? SHOC can guide you through the process of requesting a re-mark, a supplementary assessment and how to apply for a deferred exam.

Exam FAQ's   

Understanding Assessments


Grievance and complaint resolution

Do you have a complaint to make against a person or about a process that you feel has put you at a disadvantage? If you choose to, SHOC advocates will work with you to explain your rights and to assist you with a grievance complaint.

Grievance and Complaint Resolution Guide


Equity Discrimination and Harassment

Do you feel you have been discriminated against, harassed or bullied by a staff member or student? Book an appointment with a SHOC advocate to discuss the situation and find a resolution.

Equity, Discrimination & Harassment Guide


Student Misconduct

Have you been accused of plagiarism, contravening a university rule or going against the Student Charter? SHOC can help you with academic and general misconduct, working with you one on one to find a resolution.

What is Student Misconduct?


Late Withdrawal Applications

Do you want to withdraw after the ‘last day to withdraw’ on mySinet? This is a withdrawal without Academic Penalty (WWAP) application and we can help guide you through this process. Did you withdraw from your subjects after census and would like to get your fees back? This is a Removal of Financial Liability (ROFL) application and our advocate can assist you in preparing this application.

Withdrawal Guide


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