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Are you looking for help in Finding and getting a part-time job?

SHOC’s employment advocates are experienced in recruitment and assisting UQ students in seeking and gaining employment.

This service will teach you the skills to gain part-time or casual employment for yourself. SHOC can assist you in the following areas:


Appointments available

This page contains information about each of the appointments for this service as well as resources to use. By clicking on the 'book an appointment' button you can make an appointment for on of the following:

  • Resume & job search help
  • Mock interview
  • Scholarship application help
  • Your rights at work

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Preparing to find a job

What are your job expectations? What is your availability? Where you can look for work? What training will certain jobs require? How will you manage work and your studies?  

How to prepare for the job search 


Job search strategies

SHOC will teach you the differences between in-person and online applications, the positives and negatives to both, how to be strategic in applying, following up and submitting a stand out application.

How to search for a job


Writing your resume

SHOC know the tips and tricks to make your resume stand out including: how to tailor your resume to the advertised position, how best to showcase your experience and winning personality.

How to write a resume


Writing cover letters

SHOC will show you how to write a killer cover letter that addresses the selection criteria, sells your experience and makes you stand out from other applicants.

How to write a cover letter


Interview techniques

Learn how to make a strong first impression, answer questions with confidence, prepare for challenging questions and understand the difference between the types of interviews you may come across.

Interview Tips & Techniques


International Student Employment 

Are you an international students looking for part-time or casual work? Read our  employment guide for tips and advice.

International Job Guide



Many students are not sure about what their rights are when working in Australia. We are now here to support you with information from the Fair Work Ombudsman and advice as to how to resolve any concerns you may have in your workplace.

Read of the Your Rights at Work pdf below, which contains important information applicable to you. If you would like to discuss your own working situation further, book a confidential, free appointment with a SHOC Employment Advocate below.

Your Rights at Work


What is the minimum wage in Australia?

Have you ever wondered what your hourly wage should be?

Visit The Fair Work Ombudsman Wage Guide to find out more information. For further questions on your pay rate their support line can provide further assistance.



How to find and apply for a scholarship. Book an appointment with a SHOC advocate for a second opinion on your application and tips for improvement.

SHOC Scholarship Guide



SHOC employment advocates can provide you with the skills to; search for volunteer opportunities, approach an organisation for a position and apply for a position.

Your Volunteer Guide 


Do You Want to work for UQU?

If you love working in a fast-paced, energetic environment and would like to be part of the UQU friendly and professional team, look out for UQU jobs at

SHOC cannot provide you with a position at UQU however they can assist you with your cover letter and resume.


Are You Looking for specialised support for internships, industry specific and full-time work?

The UQ Careers and Graduate Employment team have a job listing page, workshops, events resources and appointments available for you on their website.

The UQ Graduate School Career Development Framework provides specialised training and support for research higher degree students, including internships, networking events and a variety of skills workshops.

 UQ Graduate School Career Development Website


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