On a Roll Bakery

Category: Brought to you by UQU
Campus: St Lucia
Phone: (07) 3377 2272
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday, Closed

24 Jun - 21 Jul
Mon-Fri: 7am - 4pm

  • On a Roll Bakery
  • On a Roll Bakery

Facilities/ Speciality

  • Gourmet bagels
  • Baguettes
  • Pies
  • Vittoria coffee
  • Pastries
  • 10% off for all My UQU Rewards Members

Gourmet Bakery and coffee

Stop off for your morning coffee and pick up a little something extra - a pastry or breakfast bagel perhaps?

Stocked with a beautiful variety of gourmet pies, pasties, spinach ricotta rolls, bagels, wraps and toasties On a Roll Bakery's cabinets will make you do a double take.


We understand that there’s more to life than standing in a queue. That’s why you can pre-order and pre-pay for your coffee at Darwin’s and get on with your day. Download the SKIP app today www.skipapp.com.au


Plastic straws suck! 👎 That’s why UQU have made the commitment to remove all plastic straws from our outlets! 👍
Reusable Stainless Straw Packs now available for sale at all UQU outlets.
Only $7.90 for 2 straws plus a handy cleaning brush and My UQU Rewards Members get 10% off!

Current Specials

On a Roll Bakery

50c Discount for Reusable Coffee Cup Refills

Save the environment and some money when you purchase your coffee at UQU coffee outlets. On a Roll Bakery will now be offering a 50c discount for customers who purchase their coffee using a reusable coffee cup.

On a Roll Bakery

Hemp Balls and Bars

Are you looking for a snack that is delicious AND good for you? If you think it can’t be done, think again! Our new range of hemp treats is available now. Infused with hemp seeds, a natural superfood, there are 3 hemp balls and 3 hemp bars to choose from. Try them today!

On a Roll Bakery


Don’t forget that you can order your coffee, food & drinks ahead and skip the queue. Perfect for when you’re running in between classes. Download the SKIP app today.

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