Amy Sienkiewicz-Grob

 Amy Sienkiewicz-Grob

Gender & Sexuality

Gender & Sexuality VP
UQU 2019 Executive Women's Officer

My name is Amy Sienkiewicz-Grob and I’m currently a fourth year student studying a Dual Degree in Education and Science. This year I will also be your Vice-President for Gender and Sexuality.

Over the last two years especially, I’ve taken a very active role in women’s issues and have become incredibly passionate about equality, diversity, and the progression of women’s rights. Last year I worked as the Women’s Editor for Semper, which was an incredible platform in which to advocate for women at UQ.

As a woman with her own experiences and stories to share, I am keenly aware of the issues unique to my gender as well as the adversities we all still have to overcome. It is because of this that I believe it is so important to be part of an organisation like UQU that works to improve the rights of all individuals and provides unique opportunities for all students at UQ.

What I aim to achieve during my time as VP Gender and Sexuality is to continue to facilitate opportunities and experiences that focus on a diverse range of issues relevant to students at UQ. I also hope to continue to advocate for the rights of students on campus.

I look forward to working for you all during 2019! J

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