Domenico Sottile

 Domenico Sottile

Student Rights VP
UQU 2017 Executive

Hey UQ, I’m Domenico, one of your Student Rights Vice-Presidents for 2017.

I’m in my third year of an Arts/Social Science degree so I’ve got lots of free time that I’ll be using to make sure your education and uni experience is as accessible and positive as I can. Students are some of the most disadvantaged people in Australia, and I believe it’s crucial for the student union to be open, supportive, and a force for positive change.

In 2017 I’ll be committed to continuing Union welfare programs like Morning Marmalade and exam support stalls which assist students in a tangible way. This year the Student Rights portfolio will release an updated survival guide, run Stress Less Week and a Drug Awareness Day.

We will also offer a free dinner once a week, and a How-To-Adult series. This will be a series of regular panel discussions, Q&As, and information sessions to help you transition from school to “the real world”.

Another important part of the Student Rights portfolio is education. In 2017 we’ll run an ongoing education awareness campaign, with the goal of engaging the student body and raising awareness on the state of education at UQ.

If you want to know anything more about the UQ Union please send me an email - it’s my job to look out for your rights!

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