Jeremy Lwin

 Jeremy Lwin

UQU 2018 Executive

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I’m an Electrical Engineering and Economics student going into my sixth year at the University of Queensland.

I grew up in a small country town called Goondiwindi and have lived in Brisbane now for five years. Throughout my time at UQ I have been heavily involved with clubs and societies and campus life. I believe that our student organisations and communities are incredibly important to a happy and enjoyable time at UQ.

Moving from a regional town, I spent two and half years living on campus at Union College. In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be elected student body president for the college cohort. After college I continued to seek new avenues to make change and successfully ran as president for the Engineering Undergraduate Society(EUS) in 2017. Being a club or society leader allowed me to shape my community and share my ideas with the world!

You only get one chance to be an undergraduate so I implore every student at UQ to get involved with clubs and societies and give it a go. We are so very lucky to have an organisation such as UQU to support student initiatives, welfare and advocacy.
Over the next short year my focus will be on making sure that studying at UQ is more vibrant and enjoyable than ever. We are determined to deliver a new range of fun events and improve our funding arrangements with clubs and societies.

Also, we will make it our priority to support and assist those members of our community who are in need and build an inclusive environment for all.

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